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About Aaron Duran

Aaron Duran is a comic book writer, novelist, and podcaster. He specializes in obscure Star Trek trivia.

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About Aaron Duran

Born in San Bernardino in 1976, Aaron spent most of his formative years in the high desert wasteland of Susanville, California, a small farming and logging community better known for its prison population. Upon realizing he had little interest in farming, logging, prison, or any combination in between, Aaron turned to fantasy, science fiction, and all manner of speculative work. He moved to Portland, Oregon in 1998.

In 2004, Aaron began channeling his love for all things popular culture into the website He received recognition for combining modern political climates with genre fiction, such as writing about societal gender issues and the sexual orientation of the various characters on Star Trek the Next Generation. Understanding one could poke fun at the very thing he loved, Aaron started the internationally popular podcast Geek in the City Radio, where all aspects of pop culture are covered. He led the charge in 2008 to rename Portland’s 42nd Avenue as Douglas Adams Boulevard, learning that combining fandom with government bureaucracy isn’t easy. Although the name change never happened, Aaron is still proud that he helped force the City of Portland into admitting their less than fair policy on street name changes and as a result instituted a new policy for citizen involvement on street names. 2008 also marked the year won Willamette Week’s coveted designation of “Best Blog That Isn’t a Waste of Time.”

When he isn't connected to his keyboard, Aaron spends time in the kitchen creating all manner of edible and drinkable creations. Most of which require him to spend far too much time at the gym, something he rarely does. And one day he might get around to creating the epic fantasy comic centered around home brewing and gardening. But it is not this day. Aaron is married to an amazingly supportive wife, and they both live with an embarrassingly cowardly greyhound.

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