The Worlds & Words of Aaron Duran

Geek in the City Comics

Aaron Duran is a comic book writer, young adult fiction author, podcaster, and geek in the city of Portland, Oregon

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Hi, I’m Aaron Durán.

For over a decade, I've been creating stories both in print and audio. Starting out as a blogger in 2004 and adding an ongoing weekly podcast a short time later, I use Geek in the City as a venue to explore geek culture within society and how each one impacts the other; for better or worse. For years I reviewed the work of others, but in time, I started to create my own stories. 

Publishing the comic series La Brujeria helped me to explore my heritage, while mixing the odd stories I loved as kid. Turning to horror and piracy, Dark Anna & the Pirates of Kadath let me play around with the darker side of heroics. My most recent venture, The Forgotten Tyrs novels helps me come back to a time when I would read a book under the cover, flashlight firm in hand, and hoping the monsters under the bed weren't real.

I’ve also had the opportunity to explore other worlds, working on Lazarus, Black Ops IV, Trackers, and the Unfashioned Creatures Frankenstein Anthology. I was also honored to participate in the Where We Live Las Vegas Shooting Anthology.